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ph|| 03 225 8320

Elles Road, Otautau 9610

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Stationery Lists for 2017, click here.


2018 Term Dates

Term 1: 7th Feb - 13th April

Term 2:30th April - 6th July

Term 3: 23rd July - 28th Sept

Term 4: 16th Oct - 20th Dec

Digital Calendar Dates (click on this to download a file and add the term dates for 2018 to your digital diary)

Welcome to Otautau School.  We are a U4 full primary school catering for New Entrant to Year 8 children.  We take pride in the appearance of our school which has well maintained buildings and extensive grounds that provide a safe and attractive learning environment for our children.


We have extensive up to date resources and a committed, highly capable team that make up the staff of Otautau School.


Our work at school is important and at Otautau School we want your children to look back and acknolwedge that we prepared them well for the future.  We are confident in this task because we strive to ensure learning is meaningful.  As well as looking to the future, we value the past in making Otautau the place where we live today.  We innovate and evaluate new ideas and programmes to assist in a better tomorrow.  This commitment is summed up in what we think the essence of good teachingis about...

causing learning now...

In essence this means it is our goal to provide your children with programmes and teaching that will enable learning to occur.   It is our desire to do that for your child.   We thank you for entrusting us with that privalege.


 School Contact Details:

Phone - 03 2258320

Email -

Mail - 13 Elles Road, Otautau 9610